The Alternative to International Pharmacies -- U.S. Based PBRx, Inc. Opens 

TAMPA, Fla., May 28, 2003 -- PBRx, Inc. announced the opening of, ( a national mail-order Generic pharmacy. "In response to FDA and Health Department concerns over International prescription drug imports from Canada and Mexico, was created in order to offer all Americans access to discounted generic prescription drugs at prices up to 73% lower than International pharmacies," stated John Paradi, Media Director for

International generic prescription medications, originating from Canada and Mexico, represent a large percentage of the generic medications imported into the United States. In most cases, Americans are paying more for generic medications from International pharmacies, which are not FDA Approved. Additionally, the package inserts supplied are not in compliance with FDA regulations and concern over counterfeit imports has increased.

Does offer substantial savings to Americans online? offers 10Mg, 100 pills Fluoxetine (Generic Prozac) for $54.15 as opposed to the average Canadian price of $119.44 or the average Mexican online price of $90.00. PBRx offers the generic equivalents to more than 1000 brand name medications and includes the top 50 most prescribed generic drugs for the population of Humana Health Insurance members throughout the United States. Consumers are not only paying more on generic medications from International pharmacies but, also paying high shipping fees, dispensing fees and in most cases, physician review fees. "It's important to remember that PBRx medications are FDA Approved however, prescription drugs (generic or brand) sold by International pharmacies are not," stated John Paradi.

PBRx opened its first PBRx Savings Center in Inverness, Florida on May 23, 2003. "It is our goal to provide the opportunity for all Americans (especially seniors) to become educated as to the pitfalls and risks associated with purchasing and importing prescription medications through International pharmacies. We intend to bring our Awareness Campaign to all of the same venues in which International pharmacies have a presence or are advertising. We will do this by opening up additional PBRx Savings Centers as well as by bringing our message of education and awareness to print, television and radio," stated Mr. Paradi.

The proliferation of Canadian storefront operations in the United States has also been cause for concern. Increasing pressure from the FDA has kept PBRx Field Representatives busy visiting numerous Canadian storefront operators in Florida, who have contacted seeking to protect their initial investment in their Canadian storefront operation by converting their business from Canadian to the stable PBRx (U.S. based) business model.

"PBRx is offering American entrepreneurs, who have opened a Canadian storefront, the opportunity to convert their Canadian storefront operation into a 'pure' PBRx Savings Center. In addition, PBRx is offering those seeking 'storefront conversion' cooperative advertising budgets and increased sales commissions without a franchise fee," stated Mr. Paradi.

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